Blamestar's hotkey tool

Frequently Asked Questions

What's this program for, now?

To give you a short summary: this program simulates keycraft hotkeys on funmaps in Warcraft III. That means, a hotkey is no longer associated with a command but rather with a position on the screen. To make it a little bit clearer, take a look at this picture of a sample key layout. You can also adjust this to match your personal requirements.

Sample hotkey layout

The cool thing about this type of hotkeys is that they always look the same on the keyboard. No matter which unit you have selected, or which map or game type you are playing.

And of what use is that when there is keycraft?

The difference between this program and keycraft is, that this works on any map there is for Warcraft III. Not only those that use the standard Warcraft III units and spells. This is especially useful when a map has hotkeys that are on the same key as some standard command like "Attack" or "Stop". In that case the default command normally overrides the spell's hotkey and you have to use the mouse to cast it.

Damit man diese Sorgen los ist, gibt es dieses Tool. Der Trick ist ganz einfach. Wenn man eine der vorher festgelegten Tasten drückt, bewegt das Programm den Mauszeiger zu dem Button, der an der entsprechenden Position liegt, simuliert einen Mausklick und bewegt ihn wieder zurück. Das geht im Normalfall so schnell, dass man davon im Spiel nichts mitkriegt.

Where do I have to unzip the program to?

That doesn't really matter much. The only important thing is, that the whole content of the .zip- or .rar-archive is in the same folder on your hard disk. The location of that folder itself however makes no difference.

For example you could unzip the program to:

  • C:\Games\Wacraft III\Blamestars Hotkey Tool\
  • D:\Warcraft tools\Blamestars Hotkey Tool\
  • etc...

When I use your program, the key for 'attack' is 'R'. That's quite annoying!

One way to deal with this is to use keycraft (just google for it). Keycraft is a program that allows you to use the QWER hotkeys in normal Warcraft III games (not on funmaps, though) and that moves the buttons for 'stop' and 'attack' so that they still have their default hotkeys 'A' and 'S'. If you do this, the hotkeys are 'A' and 'S' too when you use my program, because then the buttons are in the appropriate positions,

The other way is to just grab the profile editor that you get with my program (you can find it in the 'file' menu) and edit the standard profiles so that 'A' is 'attack' and 's' is 'stop'. Or even better, create your own profile because the 'default hotkeys.ini' is overwritten when you install a new version of the program, while the 'custom hotkeys.ini' isn't.

- Help! I can't chat when I use your program!

- The inventory keys are not working!

That's probably because you use Xfire and a version of my program that's older than 0.16 beta. There used to be a bug that prevented my program from working, when Xfire was running, but it has been fixed in version 0.16.

If you use the newest version still have the same problem, please send me a mail. You can find my address here.

I've found a BUG!!!

Well, this program is still beta. So bugs are still possible. Would be really nice if you sent me a mail explaining exactly what you were doing when the error occurred. And if you were able to recreate the bug somehow. I'll try to respond and fix the bug as soon as possible.

I've got another question...

There are two ways to contact me:

I've attached my mail address as an image only, to make work harder for mail harvesters.