Blamestar's hotkey tool

Custom Hotkeys for Warcraft III

When you see this headline you might think "For that I have keycraft and my CustomKeys.txt. Why use a different tool?". Well, that's kinda right, Warcraft III ladder players won't need this program.

But in case you were ever annoyed that you can't use your beloved QWER or whatever hotkeys in Spellcraft, DotA & Co. this may be just right for you. Well, for DotA there are these scripts, but they are rather difficult to use. And they work only for DotA...

Basically what my Program does, when you press a hotkey, is moving the mouse cursor to a screen position, performing a click, and moving the cursor back again. In the game you won't really notice it. In its default configuration there are several default hotkey profiles that you can combine:

But if you want, you can remap any key or a click to any screen position to (nearly) any key you want. If you are interested in a different key layout, have a look at the FAQ or send me a mail.

If you find any bugs, have a comment, or want some cool new feature implemented don't hesitate to send a mail. See my contact info.